Child Care Philosophy is practiced in Elk Grove at Montessori Country Academy

Child Care Philosophy

maria montessori, founder of the montessori child care philosophy

"Education is not acquired by listening to words, but by virtue of experience in which the child acts on his environment. We can only give each individual the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities to become an independent, secure, and balanced human being."
- Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori Country Academy has its roots in the child care philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, whose scientific observations of children gave birth to a new approach to childhood learning.

Montessori believed that a child is able to reach his or her fullest potential in an environment that provides the proper balance of guidance and freedom. By giving each child respect and responsibility, independent choices can be made that inspire the child.

At our school, we incorporate the Montessori child care philosophy in these ways:

  • We encourage children to choose materials that interest them and to meet each day's challenges with excitement and enthusiasm. Through self-directed exploration of the materials, children move from concrete experiences to a working knowledge of abstract ideas.
  • Children progress through the curriculum at their own rate, motivated by their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. We teach to the individual based on his or her specific interests and abilities. In this way, learning is not a race or a chore, but a route to discovery.
  • Our classrooms are filled with sunlight and the furniture and materials are accessible, attractive and orderly. Everything is made with special care to fit the small child.
  • In our multi-aged classes, younger children learn from older children, which builds a sense of community, helps older children develop responsibility and self-esteem, and inspires younger children to meet their potential.
  • Classroom rules are based on the core Montessori beliefs of respect - respect for each other, respect for ourselves, and respect for the environment. Teachers respond in a gentle, controlled manner when needing to correct or redirect a child's behavior.

Together, these practices create the kind of environment that makes Montessori schools so special, one in which learning is fun, exciting and challenging.

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